Ozone Samurai 2

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The Unpacking Bit
This kite had come from Skymonster.com after a lot of reading reviews etc on this site.This is the first 4 line kite I have bought having been using a Proteam 8 for about
a year. As soon as it came it was laid out in the lounge just to see what was in the bag. Quite a nifty red and black rucksack with nice zips, mesh side pockets and pocket in the top. All stitching looks very good and well finished off. Included were the normal handles ( with kite killers attached but more about that later ! ) the lines on a plastic spool , black webbing to secure kite, instruction book, sticker ( on flask ! ) and a key ring ( the cat liked that )

The kite bit
The kite looks well made with good stitching and crisp art work. Many mention Ozone quality and indeed it feels that way. All the points to attach the lines on the kite are numbered and coloured so there is no confusion when attaching everything. The lines are also marked in the same way so you cannot connect up the wrong way.
So all in all tops marks for the kite, I can’t fault the quality or attention to detail.

The Instruction Book Bit
I was not quite so impressed here, plenty of colour pics but some of the instructions were rather vague and left to try and sus out what they were saying… Its not bad but they could have done better I think …Good job that the racekite.com resource is so good.

kite killers bit
These came attached to the ground stake loops on the bottom of the handles and I could recall gain on this site the advice in the very good “how to” bit. I asked members what they thought and have since moved the killers down the brake line a bit which seems much better.

The first flight…
I chose quite a good day with lightish winds ( which is best for a 4 line newb like me ) and off I go up to the park, started to set things up and its all going very well until just as I’m about to get to the good bit ,dog walkers show up so its down tools until they clear off. Up she goes and parks above my head just as it says on the box. It so different to the Flexi 8 which is fast and furious, the Sammi is slow and sedate , however a few gusts of wind and wow, its like being attached a dog who has not been out for a week. I can see that in higher winds etc it will be very good.

A very well made kite that will last for a good while and once you decide to try out buggies and all that caper it will come into its own. I will update once I have had a few goes in different conditions. My thanks to anyone on the forum who has given me advice, it makes all the difference. 😉 I kept with a smaller size kite to start with and thsi gives me a good excuse to buy another next year heh heh

By : dredgehead

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  • Well done on your purchase! I love my Sam2 3m, can honestly say that I will never sell it. I find the kite nice and fast in the air and soooo responsive turning well on power and brake lines. Awesome pull in a buggy in 18+mph, but watch those gusts when jumping, up you go!!

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