eolo radsail pro II

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i own a 6m radsail and have enjoyed it alot however when the whind gets up it can be a handfull and especially when boarding leave you a little overpowered so i baught the 4m.

out of the bag the radsails now have a new look very attractive pictures dont do them justice its a very pleasing kite to look at using bright florecent colours. instantly i notice it feels lighter the bridles are thinner and the sail itself feels lighter i dont think its thinner but it feels that way. same old bag and handles see my 6m review not the best but useable. best bet buy flexifoil handles and be done with it. comes with a sticker “nice” and a dvd which was a suprise.

stitching seems ok same wobbly bits as old kites (only asthetic) but there are improved places with double stitching looks good set up streight on the lines and away no fiddling needed

flies much faster than old kite not just sise diference ive flown other 4m’s this one feels like a 3m, also i notice not much lift when over head and it doesnt have the arm wrenching pull of my bigger kite the traction comes from the speed it travels accross the window enough to skud all 15 st of me a good few meters nice to fly although has a tendancy to overfly and will luff at the edges of the window not as freindly with gusts as the bigger kite will luff a bit i found that it needed a constant slight pressure on the break lines to keep it in line then there were no probs aven at edge of window it wouldjust sit there. i may even stick some power rings on it to save my wrists flying cond that day 20mph wind not very gusty.

what a pleasant kite to board with not the unpredictable yank of the 6m but a nice gradual speed up and strangly because of how fast the kite moves i was able to go faster with this than my 6m well over 20mph on the beach the tendancy to luff made this painfull once but thats when i learned to keep a bit of break on. after that i had more fun than ever even upwind was good too out running a 4.9 blade in a race, amazing lots of fun really enjoyed it a much better kite for boarding than my 6m obviously 15st means i need abit of wind to get going so if you are lighter you may consider the 3m

for me its a bit small dont get me wrong by working it accross the power then up it lifted me about 3-5 feet but its not as floaty as the big kite not bad just not as good. i guess again if you were lighter it would be a different experiance

this is the amazing bit i baught it new off e-bay and paid only 124 pounds + p+p thats it for a ready to fly 4m pro kite designed by andy preston (ex flexifoil blade) you cant beat it.

i would deffinately recomend this kite it looks good, flies fast, pleanty of power but not over the top dead cheap but still good quality im 15st and board with it in 20mph wind in 10mph wind my 13year old skinny son flies it no probs.

go and buy one, a worth while investment for any kite bag if you have a big kite and want somthing for the strong wind or if you have a smaller kite and want a bit more power this is for you and yours new for under 130 quid find a better deal

By : DNash

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