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I’ve used both LEI (16m x2) and various flysurfer kites including the psycho1 and warrior.

So whats it like?

Well out of the bag, its well made, packs down nicely and has afew new features that should increase it longevity such as:

1. blow off valves (Aye Aye!) which should open if you pile it into the water/ground on its front edge, and stop it popping like a paper bag.
2. small loops of bridle that should snap in preference to the insertion points on the kite, so if you do break them they should be easy enough to replace.
3.Reinforced 500lb center line (I snapped the psycho 1 300lb lines at least 3 times)

Set up is ok, provided you are used to it. First of all lay out the kite and shake out the bridles, next untangle the control lines. This is more complex than previous FS’s in that there are three layers of contol lines. It sort of make sense when you see it but could be a bit of a nightmare if you are not used to bridling. (i.e straight of LEI’s). The extra complexity here allows the kites angle of attack to be varied hugely with a very sort range on the depower at the bar.

So far I’ve not had too many problems, except the first time I used it (in 28mph winds, not ideal) and now I’m used to it, it takes me about 5 mins to set up and be off.

Take off is ok, I usually self launch at the side of the window. Once had a problem in high wind with too much weight on one end, the kite half inflated then dragged backward without taking off. Had to dump it on the safety. No problems next time with a little more preinflation a fiddle with the wac system (more of this later) and less sand.

In the sky, very stable, very fast on the turn, very little tip curl (with the factory wac settings), and very light on the arms. The small degree of imput on the bar includes the power up, overpower/stall as the bar is draw towards you. It does depend on how you have the depower strap pulled, full on the power up range is about 20 cm (i.e very very short. In low winds you fly with no depower stap and the power up range is 0, i.e. the kite flies like a LEI on full depower. Generally I have the depower strap pulled about 1/4 and this gives about 6cm pull on the bar for full power. Pull beyond this the kite will stall and slowly drop backwards.

Grunt is great, as is pop, hang time needs a good pilot with hands used to the short power range. I find the kite has a tendancy to drop me out the sky quickly sometimes, othertimes you float down like a feather. I suspect this is related to the inflight piloting.

The grunt is great for low wind flying, and the turn speed allows you to Sine like a LEI (unlike the old Psychos). I have had the 10 keeping me upwind with 2m jumps in 12mph wind.

Give the kite some wind 15mph-23mph and its heaven on wings. It does fly like a LEI quite alot in that you rely on board edge quite alot to cope with the gusts. JUmps are easy, but the bar system could do with something like the cabrinha power ball to keep consistent power on during flight, because oversheet, undersheet and you is heavier than meeting with Michael Howard.

Overpowered it behaves and keeps you on you toes with the grunt kicking in the gusts and (on one occasion ripping me off the board for a 20m downwind power belly slide!)

Relaunch is the best I’ve seen, either release and retrive the bar, or pull on one of the side lines and the kite should flip up and off. Only in light winds (like the 12mph I was in) get the kite wet, and its going nowhere.

Safety, again excellent, (this is why I have FS), chicken loop relase- and pull stop system works reliabley and well. Also kite dump if ness available. I generally surf alone and find the FS are very good for self launch self land (better than the X2)

Overall, great, Im really pleased, it has some drawbacks, the short power range on the bar, Also I’ve noticed some wear on the lines that pass through the pulleys and the kite is only 20x used.

By : sheff

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